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Reusable Packaging Capabilities

Stephens can adapt our services to meet your reusable packaging requirements, from design and specification to development, prototyping and manufacturing, all from our UK sites.

With a full-service provision across two sites in UK and overseas partners, Stephens Industries is able to work flexibly with you on projects ranging from small top up or replacement orders to a turnkey solution to your reusable packaging needs.


Reusable Packaging Design

Our highly skilled design team can take your product and specification and turn it into an innovative reusable packaging solution. Utilising CAD software we can create concepts and illustrations, and detailed drawings for manufacture.

All our designs are tailored to help you achieve the greatest benefit from your packaging, including optimised pack density and parts protection.

Material Specification

We can also specify suitable materials for the parts you are transporting, from microfibres for sensitive A surface parts, foams for added protection of sharper edges to specialist antistatic materials for electrical parts.

Development and Prototyping

Once you are happy with the design, we are able to quickly provide prototypes from our UK factory, either in one offs or in short runs for trials. Packaging can be developed if required or approved for larger runs.


Our two manufacturing sites in Wigan and Corsham have capabilities crossing cutting, sewing and welding. This breadth of skills means we can fully produce almost any textile packaging solution you require, in UK. The benefit of this is shorter turn around times and greater flexibility in production.

Where time is less critical and cost a greater factor, we have a number of overseas partners that are able to further increase our production capacity. For very large runs, a mix of UK and overseas production can sometimes provide the best solution.


Our teams work on a variety of projects both large and small. If you need help with any aspect of your returnable packaging, please get in contact.

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