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Benefits of Reusable Packaging

Whether for use in the supply chain or line side, all our reusable packaging solutions are designed and manufactured to help you to:

Reusable Packaging to Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Reusable Packaging to reduce waste

Reduce Waste

Reusable Packaging to Lower Costs

Lower Cost

From straps and sleeves, to boxes or stillages, our team listens to your requirements and uses our expertise to create a bespoke solution around your products and manufacturing process.

Space saving

Our systems are designed to optimise pack density. Boxes and frames are sized to best suit your product and dunnage, straps and sleeves are designed to allow the largest number of parts to be transported. We’re experts in nesting too so can help you take your packaging to the next level.


Our packaging solutions combine design and materials to protect your products throughout handling, storage and transportation. Each item is held securely in place and separated from its neighbours and materials can be selected for their non-abrasive or even anti-static properties.


All our packaging is designed with easy release closures. Utilising straps and Velcro for curtain doors, lids and sleeves and materials inherently suited to the application, we can ensure that you don’t need to waste time wrapping and unwrapping, taping, sealing and securing parts. Instead, simply open the unit and slide parts out for a quicker process.

Waste reduction

With no additional packaging required, there is no cardboard, plastic bags or protective stuffing to dispose of. The packaging is also returnable for refilling, either to your supplier or to the beginning of the production line.


Our collapsible reusable packaging makes the loop process even more efficient, as it is possible to ship up to 3 times as many units back in the same space as the filled units. Whether this is a viable option for your packaging or not, there is a large environmental benefit of reusing rather than disposing or recycling items.


By bespoke designing your packaging, we can ensure that it not only looks after your parts, but also looks after your employees. Our reusable packaging allows easy access to parts, reducing the movements required to complete tasks. Not only does this speed up the process, but allows use in a healthy, comfortable way.

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