Stephens Industries have many years’ experience in delivering and achieving incomparable results; this goes for our tanking solutions too. With the use of high-quality, durable geomembrane, our liners and covers provide a leak-free water storage system for commercial use.

A market-leading company in protecting the environment against harmful and wasteful spillage, Stephens Industries have carefully selected materials proven throughout the world for reliable water storage applications. Our liners are crafted from EPDM, reinforced PVC and Butyl and our covers are made from AquaBloc AL, which is designed to provide protection against water penetration. This helps to prevent leaks and moisture damage. Simply contact us today to find out more or enquire about your project.


Expertly prefabricated in our factory or fully cut and installed on site, we continuously recommend and use what are known as the best water storage tank liners & irrigation tank materials currently on the market.


Our high-performance covers reduce evaporation, improve overall water quality by limiting algae growth, and prevent dirt and debris from entering the tank.