Modular Roofing

Since their initial introduction to the construction industry, the popularity and range of modular buildings have grown enormously. Today modular buildings are seen everywhere from jack leg site offices, to residential housing, to entire hospitals, and everything in-between.

Modular Roofing from Stephens Industries

In previous years Stephens Industries has been required to provide a roofing solution for an almost endless list of roof designs; it is from this experience that we can be confident in meeting your needs. With our products offering superior durability, quick and easy installation, high flexibility, and low life-cycle cost, it’s no wonder that more and more customers are turning to Stephens industries for their roofing needs.

Modular Roofing Materials

As a crucial element of any building, and especially in the case of modular buildings, the type of roofing used must allow for optimum construction efficiency. That’s why at Stephens Industries we are one of the authorised distributors of the superior Elevate RubberGard EPDM Modular Roofing System.

With a tradition of manufacturing quality rubber products, the Elevate EPDM Modular Roofing System offers significant advantages over other roofing products.

The Benefits

  • 1.14mm LSFR and standard 1.00mm EPDM, providing materials for every application
  • Over 300% elongation, resulting in a membrane that will move with the building without cracking and leaking
  • Lightweight, prefabricated roofing blankets for fast and easy installation
  • Ability to install either in a factory or on-site
  • Superior resistance to weather, giving outstanding longevity

Roofing Blankets

At Stephens Industries, we fabricate high-quality roofing blankets seen everywhere from jack leg site offices to residential housing, to entire hospitals, and everything in between.

These blankets are available to manufacture in almost any size to suit your requirements in a variety of materials, these include:

  • 1mm EPDM Rubber membrane
  • 0.5mm PVC membrane
  • 560gsm PVC membrane

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System Components

Elevate Roofing and QuickSeam Accessories have been developed as a comprehensive range of accessories designed specifically for use with Elevate EPDM to provide a truly versatile and easy to use roofing system.

  • Bonding Adhesive
  • Batten Strips
  • Termination bars
  • QuickSeam Walkway Pads
  • QuickPrime Plus
  • EPDM gutter and kerb trim
  • EPDM Internal and external corners
  • Rainwater drain outlet

Technical Support

As a leading distributor of Elevate RubberGard modular roofing, and with a steadfast commitment to quality we work closely with our customers to ensure they are fully trained and confident in installing Elevate Roofing Membranes. As part of this support, we can provide customers with training days held at regional locations as well as a comprehensive range of literature including detailed CAD drawings, detailed technical specifications guides, and product data sheets.


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