Slurry Liners & Lagoon Covers

Pollution of surface or groundwater by livestock, slurry or dirty water poses a serious environmental threat nationwide. Installing a long-lasting geomembrane liner for your slurry lagoon ensures leak-free storage. Learn more about our lagoon covers below and protect both the environment and your water source.


Slurry lagoon liners are used in the agricultural industry for the containment of animal waste such as manure. Here at Stephens Industries, we have offered slurry and dirty water lagoon covers for many years, providing solutions for many clients and customers throughout the UK. Pollution of surface or groundwater by livestock, slurry or dirty water poses a serious environmental threat nationwide. Installing a long-lasting geomembrane lagoon cover ensures leak-free storage, protecting both the environment and your water source. Our slurry lagoon liners are fabricated from accredited materials that meet the high standards set by the Environment Agency for slurry storage. Unlike clay-based solutions which can crack and leak under varied weather conditions and pressures, our Elevate Geomembrane lagoon covers are impermeable, highly flexible, and resistant to both chemical and environmental degradation for circa 40 years.

Elevate Slurry Liner

We have the Elevate GeoGard liner available:

  • 1.14mm EPDM Liner
  • Excellent UV resistance prevents cracking and improves liner life
  • 40-year life expectancy
  • 300% elasticity, easily accommodates ground movement
  • Liners up to 1100 sq. metres in a single sheet, factory seamed.
  • Easily repaired, no specialist equipment needed
  • Seams are covered in a specialist Flashing Material to give even greater protection against possible leakages

With all our slurry lagoon liners we install here at Stephens Industries, we also recommend Protective Matting to be placed under the liner to shield damage from sharp rocks, stones, roots and other debris.

Measuring the Slurry Liner

In order to know how much liner and protective matting you will need to line your lagoon it is essential to measure the lagoon accurately. To obtain an accurate figure for the size liner that your slurry store will require, a number of factors need to be considered:

  • Length of the lagoon
  • Width of the lagoon
  • Depth of the lagoon
  • Angle of the lagoon banks

Once you have determined the above figures, the required liner size can be calculated with relative ease. The liner size will also need to incorporate additional material for securing into the anchor trench.

At Stephens Industries we offer a full site survey service, during which we will take accurate measurements of the lagoon to ensure the liner quoted for and supplied is of the required size.

For more information on measuring your lagoon, or to arrange a site survey, please contact us direct.

Installation of Slurry Lagoon Liners

Stephens Industries has many years experience of in installing liners for slurry lagoons and pits. We believe strongly that synthetic rubbers such as Elevate and Butyl / EPDM are the best materials for pond installation, as they are the most cost-effective over the life of the pond liner, typically 40 years. Cheaper materials are available, but they have a much shorter life expectancy.

As part of our slurry liner installation service, we undertake site surveys to ensure that the slurry pit is properly prepared, discuss the material options, measure the site accurately and review any special design and construction details such as bonding onto vertical walls and sealing around pipes. On agreement of all the details, our specialist trained team will install the liner, with ISO 9001 certification. Our installers are fully trained and qualified in Elevate, EPDM / Butyl and other specialist materials, and work throughout the UK. We believe passionately that quality and experience matter, so if you require a dedicated team to help you complete your project on time and with a quality finish, please contact us for a discussion about our expert slurry liner installation service.

Design and Construction Guides

From the initial design, to measuring the lagoon to get the correct liner size, we have a wealth of guides to help you with your project. The guides also cover the protection and aftercare of maintaining your slurry liner. For more information or assistance, please contact our team onĀ 01225 810 324.

  • Access ramps
  • Liner protection
  • Securing the liner
  • Joining the liners
  • Pipe details
  • Lagoon liner drainage
  • Base plate