Lake Liners

Being specialist fabricators, we use a variety of materials to fabricate high-performing lake liners to bespoke plans and sizes. Depending on your budget, project and required life expectancy, our lake installation materials include Elevate (formerly Firestone) and SealEco EPDM, two of the market leaders for lining materials.

Product Overview

With a lifetime of circa 40 years, using high-performing lining systems when constructing lakes or ponds can help achieve the perfect finish. The use of a high-quality lake liner ensures that your lake is kept watertight while being able to be constructed to any size and shape.

Choosing the best lake lining material for your project is often based on its application, the required life of the lake liner, site conditions, and budget. More information on the types of liners available can be found below. In addition to supplying simple flat sheets of material, we can also supply prefabricated lining systems for areas of particular complexity such as streams, waterfalls, and feature areas. For more information please contact us.

Lake liner materials

Stephens Industries fabricates lake liners from a variety of materials. The choice of material used is impacted by many factors. Use the information in this section to help guide you to the right material selection, for any more advice or information please contact us.

Elevate 1.14mm GeoGard Liner

Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane has all the features and benefits of 1.02mm Elevate EPDM Liner; with the increased benefit of even greater strength due to extra thickness.

This increased strength makes Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane the recommended material for applications where the liner will be used in particularly arduous conditions, such as where the ground is very rough, or where the water may contain damaging substances.

Material Specifications

  • Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane material is suitable for lakes & lagoons and can be used for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • We can supply Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane as cut sheets, in widths 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50ft up to 100ft long.
  • Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane liners of up to 1100 m² (e.g. 120ft x 100ft; 36.5m x 30.5m) can be joined in our factory and supplied as a single sheet, or installed by us for even larger lining applications

Please note, it is recommended that aquaSHIELD protective matting is used with all liner materials to ensure maximum life expectancy is achievable

Elevate 1.02mm EPDM Liner

Since 1900 Elevate has been a leading developer of high-quality rubber, with a heritage in technology and innovation. This quality and heritage can be seen today in Elevate’s high-performing and durable liner.

The combination of the below properties makes Elevate rubber liners the material of choice for hobbyists and landscaping professionals alike.

  • Elevate EPDM Liner is environmentally friendly: Due to the liner’s properties, it has a very low environmental impact – making it perfect for designing and building lakes and ponds. With Elevate EPDM also being produced in a factory that is accredited with ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System, this also plays a role.
  • Human, Fish and Plant Friendly:  Elevate EPDM is specially formulated to ensure that it is safe for use by fish and plant life. It is certified non-toxic by the Water Research Centre, making it safe for both aquatic and human life.
  • Highly Flexible and Durable: With this liner being able to remain flexible at -45°C it can be installed all year round. With its outstanding resistance to harmful UV radiation, it also shows excellent durability and can play a part in the liner’s lifetime – which is circa 40 years. Furthermore, its flexibility means it can be used to line even the most intricate shapes.

Material Specifications

  • Elevate 1.02mm Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) material is suitable for lakes, lagoons and swimming ponds of all sizes and shapes.
  • We can supply Elevate 1.02mm EPDM as cut sheets, in widths 8 – 50 ft (in 2ft increments) up to 100ft long
  • Elevate 1mm EPDM lake liners up to 1100 m² (e.g. 120ft x 100ft; 36.5m x 30.5m) can be joined in our factory and supplied as a single sheet or installed by us for even larger applications.

Please note, that it is recommended that aquaSHIELD protective matting is used with all liner materials to ensure maximum life expectancy is achievable.

AquaSHIELD Matting

Stephens Industries protective matting is a superior quality, non-woven polypropylene Geotextile protective matting used to prevent your liner from being damaged whilst being installed and during its use.

Holding many years of experience, we have witnessed many projects where lake liners have been installed with aquaSHIELD – which we highly recommend. Many liners become perished and subsequently unusable by being damaged by stones, roots, and other sharp objects in the installation.

Our protective matting is compatible with all lake liner materials. Protective matting is completely rot, UV and weather resistant, making it extremely safe for all lake and marine life. This material is available in either 200gsm or 300gsm weights, with the thicker material offering a slightly more durable solution than the 200gsm.

Measuring the Lake

To know how much liner and protective matting you will need to line your lake it is essential to measure your lake accurately. For all lake installations we suggest that we carry out a site survey to accurately measure the size of the lake, and therefore ensure that the right amount of liner is supplied, reducing the risk of material wastage.

A detailed site survey can be carried out once the lake has been excavated. It should be measured accurately by following the contour of the lake across the greatest width and greatest lengths and allowing additional material for fixing the liner into the trench.

The formula and calculator can be used to determine an estimated amount of liner required. However, this will not be as accurate as a liner size calculation obtained from detailed drawings or a site visit.

How to obtain an estimated liner size

Measure the greatest width, greatest length and maximum depth. To calculate the size of the liner you need:

  • Liner width: max width + twice maximum depth
  • Liner length: max length + twice maximum depth.

Installation Services

Here at Stephens Industries, we’ve collated many years of experience installing an array of liner materials for projects including ponds, lakes, swimming ponds, lagoons and reservoirs. Being in the industry for over 66 years, we believe strongly that synthetic rubbers such as EPDM and Butyl are the best materials for any project. With an average lifetime spanning 40 years, it’s the most cost-effective solution for a variety of applications throughout the UK. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, but as expected this safeguard isn’t there.

Our installers are fully trained and qualified in Elevate, EPDM / Butyl and other specialist materials, so please contact us to discuss your project. Having decades of installation experience, we are amongst the leading suppliers and installation specialists throughout the UK. If you require more information on our installation process or other elements from the manufacturing to delivery, get in touch with our experienced team today.