Water Containment

At Stephens Industries, we provide high-class solutions across the UK, offering an extensive range of pond liner accessories and materials. If you’re seeking equipment for a small garden pond, a decorative lake, or even a pool, we have the right tools and team to help, wherever you are in the UK.

Our assistance not only involves pond and lake liners – our experience extends to water storage tanks and agricultural needs too, including dirty water and slurry lagoon liners, silage protection sheets and much more. We even offer box-welded pond liners prefabricated to your required size and shape as an additional service.


With Stephens Industries having 65 years’ experience in delivering exceptional services and products throughout the UK, we offer a simple and cost-effective solution to constructing a pond.

Swimming Ponds

For those that want something a little more than just the wildlife benefits and aesthetics of a garden pond, a swimming pond is the perfect solution.


Our range of specialist water tank liners and covers – expertly prefabricated in our factory or fully cut and installed on site, are a cost effective and efficient water storage solution.


We have been fabricating, supplying, and installing lake liners for many years. Providing our large client base and customers with the most cost-effective solutions to their lake lining requirements is something we take great pride in.

Lagoons & Reservoirs

Our lagoon lining materials used here at Stephens Industries are selected using criteria to ensure they are as eco-friendly and usable as possible. With the combination of continual climate change and a growing demand for water, increasing pressure is being put on existing resources – This is where our liners can play a key role.

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