Lagoon & Reservoir Liners

Our lagoon & reservoir liners are used to fulfil requirements for irrigation lagoons throughout the UK. With continual climate change taking place, the growing demand for water is increasing which is putting pressure on existing resources. With the team at Stephens Industries holding years of experience, we recommend each liner based upon the project requirements, budget and life-expectancy of the liner. 


Irrigation liners are made with extreme durability and resistance to UV and many chemicals that may come into contact with the liner at any point. Having long-standing and non-toxic properties, our lagoon lining materials are picked using criteria to ensure they are as eco-friendly and usable as possible. With the combination of continual climate change and a growing demand for water, increasing pressure is being put on existing resources – that’s where our irrigation liners come in.

Water reservation makes commercial and environmental sense. More and more, farms are moving towards water self-sufficiency and this is where our liners play a major part. Stephens Industries are leading fabricators and installation specialists for many lagoon and reservoir liners requirements. The installation of a well-designed irrigation lagoon can ensure that any seasonal water shortages, that could jeopardise irrigation and husbandry, have little to no impact on your business.


Elevate 1mm EPDM

Elevate PondGard 1.02mm EPDM is suitable for lakes, lagoons and smaller-scale projects. We can supply Elevate 1.02mm EPDM as cut sheets, in widths 8–50ft (in 2ft increments) up to 100ft long. If larger sizes are required, we can add a factory weld to join sheets together.

Elevate 1.14mm GeoGard EPDM

Elevate 1.14mm Geomembrane material is suitable for lakes and lagoons for agricultural and industrial applications. It’s generally used for larger-scale projects. We can supply this as cut sheets in widths 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50ft up to 100ft long. We also supply single sheets up to 1100m² (e.g. 120ft x 100ft; 36.5m x 30.5m) that can be joined in our factory and supplied as a single sheet, or installed by us for even larger applications.

aquaSHIELD Protective Matting

aquaSHIELD 275gsm protective matting is a high-quality, non-woven polypropylene geotextile liner underlay for use with all types of liner. We recommend that you use the protective underlay to reduce the risk of damage during liner installation and use. This includes damage from stones, roots and other sharp objects.

Measuring your lagoon

It is crucial to measure your lagoon correctly to ensure that you are confident of the scale and size. This is to be aware of precisely how much irrigation liner and protective matting you will need for your lagoon.

To acquire an accurate figure for the size of the liner that your lagoon will require, a range of factors need to be considered:

  • Length of the lagoon
  • Width of the lagoon
  • Depth of the lagoon
  • Angle of the lagoon banks

Once these factors are established; the size of the irrigation liner needed can be planned with no complications. The liner size will also need to include further material for the sake of the security into the anchor trench.

Here at Stephens Industries, we take precise sizes of the lagoon to ensure the irrigation liner supplied is of the correct measurement, we do this via a full site survey service.

If you require further information on measuring the size of your lagoon, or wish to arrange a site survey, please contact us.

Installation Services

Stephens Industries has many years of experience installing liners. We believe strongly that synthetic rubbers such as Elevate and Butyl / EPDM are the best materials for pond installation. They are the most cost-effective over the life of the pond liner, typically 40 years. Cheaper materials are available, but they have a much shorter life expectancy.

As part of our pond installation service, we undertake site surveys to ensure that the pond or lake is properly prepared, discuss the material options, measure the site accurately and review any special design and construction details such as bonding onto vertical walls and sealing around pipes. In agreement with all the details, our specialist team will install the liner.

Our installers are fully trained and qualified in Elevate, Butyl / EPDM and other specialist materials and work throughout the UK. We believe passionately that quality and experience matter. So, if you require a dedicated team to help you complete your project on time and with a quality finish, please contact us for a discussion about our expert pond installation service.