Can you Buy Made to Measure Liners & Custom-Made Liner?


Can you Buy Made to Measure Liners & Custom-Made Liner?

Yes! Not all ponds are the same shape or size and over the years we’ve perfected the art of creating great made to measure pond liners to suit any project. Read on to find out how we produce quality custom made pond liners.

Pre-Fabricated to Almost Any Shape

While we can supply all the pond liner materials, tools and accessories you need to make your own pond, sometimes you need a solution that’s a little simpler. This is where our ‘Rediliner’ box welded pond liner comes in handy.

These are pre-fabricated, made to measure pond liners. They have vertical walls and flat bottoms meaning there are no unsightly folds or creases as with traditional sheet liner. They’re also less bulky than rigid plastic and glass fibre moulds. Simply excavate your pond area, lay protective matting, install the liner and fill the pond.

Flexible Design to Cater for Plants & Fixings etc.

The Rediliners are made of flexible and durable EPDM liner and constructed in our specialist factory. As they’re welded to your specific pond shape, they slot into the ground area easily and neatly. Within the design plan, you can include shelves for plants, inlet/outlet drainage pipes and overlaps for fixings too. Our team of experienced pond fabricators will be able to provide you with a great end product and, if you need it, you can include support from our pond installation team afterwards too.

Perfect for Koi & Ornamental Ponds

The made to measure pond liners offer highly flexible solutions for shape or size, but we can also work to create custom depths too. Koi tend to be larger than most traditional pond fish and may need more room to swim, so custom made is good for ornamental ponds and greater depths for keeping Koi carp. It’s also easier to see these attractive, colourful creatures when the water is clear, so the fold-free, custom-made pond liners are often the best solution for Koi as debris has less opportunity to collect in the crease-less nature of the custom made liner.

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